Ruby Workshop #1 Sponsorship Outline

Who are we?

KL Ruby Brigade (KLxRB) started at 2nd July 2013, after a few passionate rubyist went to RedDotRuby Conference in Singapore and got inspired by the Ruby communities in Japan.

KL Ruby Brigade hosts monthly meetups (first Tuesday of every month) at Mindvalley’s HQ, as a part of Project Renaissance supported groups.

Our current average attendance is about 25 pax. And we usually hangout at our Facebook Group, which has close to 360 members now.

We are the most active Ruby community in Kuala Lumpur, if not for entire Malaysia itself.

Ruby Workshop #1

Organized by popular demand, we are organizing our first Ruby workshop on 10th January 2015, at a sponsored location at HackerScape.

And our theme, as a result of our online poll is going to be “Service Oriented Architecture”.

What We Need

As our topic suggests, we will try to simulate a condition whereby 2-3 different apps communicate between each other. And we thought that the best way to simulate that would be creating VPSes and cover the entire DevOps workflow.

We compared with a few providers (Koding - 1 free VM, AWS - needs credit card) and realized that Digital Ocean could provide an easier, better, smoother, closer to real life experience for our little workshop.

What would help us a lot, is if Digital Ocean can provide us some free credits for this event.

We know that DO promo codes are usually for new signups, so we’re not sure how can we provide for existing DO users. If there’s no way for this, then it’s fine we can ask the all attendees to create new accounts.

What We Offer

Besides a big virtual hug and a big thanks? :p

We would mention clear brand sponsorship during the event. And not to mention we’ll be getting all 30 attendees to sign up for Digital Ocean accounts.

We believe that at the end of the day they would be convinced that Digital Ocean is truly a cloud hosting provider built for developers.

Unfortunately our F.O.C tickets means we have $0 budget for any printed banners or buntings so we can’t put Digital Ocean’s logo anywhere in the physical world.

Talk To Us

If you’re unhappy / unclear about anything we’ve explained, please feel free to contact us at or the main organizer Jimmy at

I’m sure we could work things out :)

Thank you for your time. Cheers.